Innovative approaches, technologies and methodologies underlying the sectoral solutions of Amrusoft, aimed at achieving optimal parameters of efficiency in the processing of banking information, according to the criteria used. The typical criteria used to measure efficiency are the time and resources. Industry solutions can significantly reduce the time and cost of typical business tasks.

Currency control operational system (181-I)

Automation of accounting and monitoring foreign currency operations which are done by the authorized banks in accordance with the Instruction of the Bank of Russia N 181-I dated 16.08.2017

The workplace of the currency controller based on electronic archive is organized as a part of the infrastructure of electronic document workflow of currency control. Workplace provides receiving, search and view messages from clients; search, view and edit of supporting documents, confirmation of supporting documents, confirmation of foreign currency transaction, and requests from the state authorities; check of the completeness and conformity of the documents of foreign currency control. For the purpose of processing information about foreign currency transactions, the control of orders for transfer of funds, the control of transit currency accounts and the control of the supporting documents are provided.

The following processes are implemented:

  • control of the lifecycle of currency control document processing;
  • formation of messages to customers about the processing stages of the confirmations of supporting documents and the confirmations of currency operations, messages to the currency operation source system about the results of currency operation processing;
  • automation of internal and external audits, downloads of the confirmations of supporting documents, as well as the reports on currency transactions executed in the Automated System of The Banking Currency Control.

To process the state authority requests, the search of the supporting document and confirmation of supporting document by request parameters, the control steps of document processing and the batch printing of selected documents, are implemented.

Regulatory electronic archives

The company offers services on the implementation of regulatory electronic archive for credit institutions.

Archive of the EoD (End- of- Day) documents in accordance with the Instruction of the Central Bank 2346-U

Storing of the documents related to the accounting, settlement and cash operations in the organization of accounting in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation № 2346-U of 25 November 2009 (ed. By 02.09 .2011) Storing is organized as the archive of separate documents in electronic form on alienated storage media.

  • Overall load of the documents from the accounting systems of the bank
  • Formation of the staple of the EoD documents and record on the storage unit
  • Support of the regulatory procedures 2346-U

We provide the preparation of the documents in electronic form (DEF), including correcting records, formation and subsequent recording of images of the document on the units of storage (USs) (which is the external alienated media), the formation of labels and inventories on the US, printing of inquiries on accounting and cash DEF. We provide recording of user actions associated with the creation of US, archiving the US, access to the information contained in the US, inspection of presence and state of US.

Electronic storage, satisfying the requirements of the Central Bank Regulation 397-P

  • Effective input of a large number of heterogeneous paper documents
  • Flexible integration adapter for automatic download documents from automatic banking systems
  • Provision of backups
  • Support of regulating procedures 397-P

Archive of currency control in accordance with Central Bank Instruction 181

  • Profile of currency control by customers, passports of the deals, the confirmations of supporting documents / supporting documents, the confirmations of currency operations/ currency operations
  • Regulatory Reporting (Regulations 402, 405, 406, 407, 664, 665)
  • The infrastructure of electronic signature

Given the substantial volume of modern paper and electronic documents, this solution is aimed at improving the efficiency of all stages of document processing and provides the objective improvement of the economic and qualitative indicators of work with archive documents.

ElLaDa – the archive of general purpose documents

Electronic archive «ElLaDa" – specialized product based on the IBM FileNet P8 platform and designed to organize paperless document workflow. Archive allows to organize the cataloged storage and control of the documents, including those emerging from the operational workflow and to be stored. Electronic archive allows to complete the information received from the different organizational systems to, conduct operational search of documents, organize regulated access for different categories of users and use electronic signature to optimize document workflows.

Filling of electronic archives

The Solution provides the downloading of documents from external and internal sources to the organizational cataloged repository, the formation of electronic nomenclature of files; operational search by attributes and content of documents. Integration of electronic archive with ES infrastructure allows regulation of the access to the content of the archive, recording of user actions with documents and tracing changes of the document with saving of versions and information about the performers. The solution provides group operations with the documents in the archive, the secure storage of documents in operative access, and the automated transfer of the documents that have emerged from the operational workflow, to the long-term storage.

Regulatory reporting

Reporting to the Central Bank of Russia, IFRS reporting

Shareholders, customers, tax and regulatory authorities must have full information about the activities of the organization, and requirements for the composition of this information are constantly being tightened.

Provided that there is a large variety of financial products in a modern financial institution, large amounts of data and accounting systems, a lot of people and internal accounting units involved in the process, and the legal framework is periodically updated, the task of comprehensive automation of processes of building regulatory reporting becomes a matter of survival.

CBR ratios

Extensive practical experience of experts of our company allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for automation of calculation of the CBR ratios of credit institutions (139-I, 395-P regulations).

Reporting to the Central Bank of Russia, IFRS reporting

Experts of our company have a great experience in implementation and debugging systems of accounting and reporting in financial institutions. It allows us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for automating the construction of regulatory reports, based on best practice.

We offer:

  • Automatic report generation
  • Development of documentation
  • Development of software
  • Testing of the systems for the automation of construction of regulatory reporting
  • Methodological consulting (RAS, IFRS)
  • Development, optimization and reengineering of business-processes for the production and follow-up of regulatory reports

Experts of our company have many years of practical experience in the automation of regulatory reporting:

  • Reporting to CBR: forms 101, 102, 115, 116, 117, 118, 123, 125, 128, 129, 134, 135, 157, 202, 251, 301, 302, 316, 345, 501, 601, 603, 634, 652, 664, 701, 808, etc.
  • IFRS balance sheet, statement of financial position, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity, etc.

All of this allows us to offer our customers solutions that meet the latest requirements:

  • An integrated approach to the whole process of reporting from building business-processes to testing of algorithms
  • Multi-stage quality control of the data used to prepare the financial statements
  • User-friendly interfaces to ensure transparency of the whole business-process of preparation of financial statements
  • Universal data marts, which collect indicators to be used in the future in various statements, as well as in various analytics (thereby eliminating duplication of calculations of the same indicators in the different CBR reports, which eliminates errors of inter-report controls , as well as the differences between the reporting of various kinds: CBR, IFRS, management reporting, etc.)
  • Flexible integration into the existing IT architecture of the bank
  • As a means of reporting tool- the BI-tool at the customer side or own Amrusoft development - Rapid Data Access- can be used

In accordance to the requirements of the credit organization, we:

  • Develop architecture, business and technical specifications (BRD and FSD)
  • Realize and optimize algorithms
  • Develop methods and scenarios of tests
  • Perform testing
  • Train the credit organization staff to work with the system

After transferring the system to the pilot operation, the specialists of our company carry out its subsequent maintenance.

CBR ratios

The main advantages for the customer when using our solutions to automate the calculation of mandatory standards:

  • A comprehensive solution to automate the calculation of performance standards
  • Calculation according to the requirements of the regulator (CBR) and the bank's accounting policies
  • Ability to calculate ratios on a daily basis - high quality risk management for the bank
  • Operative support regarding changes in legislation
  • A large number of control procedures - a guarantee of the reliability and correctness of calculation and timely detection of errors when they occur
  • Standard APIs, allowing, if necessary, to extend the functionality of the control of the data and detailed reports, which can be performed independently by customer
  • Transparency of the entire process of calculation of standard ratios
  • Ease of use for the end user

We build our solutions on the following basic principles:

  • All the components of the standard are calculated on a single array of data on a single methodology (regarding the application of the coefficient of funding, the calculation of secured and unsecured assets, risk assessment, etc.)
  • Calculation of risk is possible both according to the clause 2.3 and to the clause 2.6 of the instruction139 –I
  • Correction of calculation of risk is possible by users if needed
  • Possibility to input or load catalogues and settings of the calculations through the user interface (including loading of xls-files)
  • User-friendly interface that reflects the standard calculation business-process (stages of the calculation) and user tips (based on Amrusoft product Rapid Data Access)
  • Possibility to calculate the distinct performance standards (including interrelationships of these indicators)
  • Historicity of the algorithms (to preserve the possibility of calculations for the "old" dates after the date of legislative changes if necessary)