Electronic archive

Taking into account the vast volume of paper and electronic document workflow, our solution is designed to increase the efficiency of all the stages of document processing. The solution provides objective improvement of key economic and qualitative indicators of work with archive documents.

We developed a number of industry specific archives with the high degree of readiness to effectively address business tasks of archiving documents and automation of regulated procedures.

Document workflows

Modern technological and legislative level gives businesses a secure base for implementation of paperless document workflows.

The effect from implementation and modernization of electronic document workflows in large companies is huge and its tendency increases unabated.

More and more services of commercial and state structures become digital and therefore more rapid, reliable and affordable. The development of industry standards of electronic document exchange allows you to build industrial B2B solutions based on automated partner interactions with minimal human intervention.

Amrusoft has extensive practical experience in building electronic document workflow especially regarding straight- through document workflows in the financial sector.

  • Corporate lending, generating sets of loan documentation
  • Currency control
  • Electronic archive (2346-U, 181-I and so on), paperless back and middle office
  • Automation of regulated reporting preparation

We developed a number of industry-specific solutions with a high degree of readiness to effectively address the business challenges of workflow automation.

B2B electronic document interchange

Business-to-business electronic document interchange (EDI) means the complete replacement of paper waybills, VAT invoices and other paper B2B documents with the electronic ones. It means automation of supply chain document flow, abandonment of paper archive, and it is the important step towards the automation of accounting. All the electronic documents exchanged are legally compliant which means they can be accepted by the court, tax inspection or other statutory institutions. B2B electronic document interchange leads to the optimization of company processes and to the significant savings in expenses.

We offer the following services:

  • Express- analysis of business processes, recommendations on the implementation of EDI with the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Re-engineering of workflows if required
  • Adaptation of company documentation in order to allow transfer to EDI: internal documents, regulations, agreements
  • Preparation of applications to receive electronic signatures (ES) of employees. Adaptation of processes and company documentation to integrate ES
  • The coordination of internal and external document flows
  • The choice of optimal EDI operators, suiting to you and your contractors, technical realization of the connection to one or several EDI operators
  • Integration of EDI with the corporate systems, modification of the corporate systems if required
  • Consulting, connection, training of contractors
  • Archive solutions for electronic original documents. The unified archive solution for paper and electronic original documents
  • We can outstaff our specialists (consultants, analysts, developers, PMs) to realize your EDI project

Conveyor processes

Ever since Henry Ford's queuing enterprises reduce the price and increase its production by optimizing product assembly lines. Financial institutions are no exception and often as the basis of its competitiveness they create credit and insurance conveyors. The business process management (BPM) is a modern approach to the implementation of a conveyor technology.

The IBM BPM - an integrated framework for business process automation - is the market leader in the segment of corporate industrial platforms. Amrusoft is the dedicated IBM partner in IBM BPM and IBM FileNet. We propose the creation of “turnkey” solutions on IBM/ECM platforms, as well as revision, audit and optimization of existing ones.

  • Request processing
  • Consumer lending and car loans
  • Lending for small and medium business

Straight-through processing

The company provides the development of the STP solutions. STP - Straight-through processing – is continuous fully automated process of information processing. The strategic goal of the automation of the corporate operational processes is to the raise up the level of STP in order to the decrease of the quantity of operational errors, to accelerate business cycles and to increase the flexibility of B2B processes: velocity, reliability and security of data interchange with partners.

  • Automation of payment processes
  • Electronic exchange with federal authorities (SMEV, GIS DMP)

Automation of accounting of banking operations

Expert solution for formation of the correct accounting transactions as well as for performance of routine financial transactions. Particularly relevant are those tasks for credit institutions using foreign ABS or more specialized accounting systems.

Experts of our company are ready to solve these problems, and we offer our clients:

  • Analysis of the architecture and construction of the system for accounting of banking operations under RAS (385-P)
  • Automatic creation of provisions for possible losses (254-P, 283-P)
  • Automation of the transformation of banking product life cycle events into the accounting transactions under RAS
  • Methodological consulting on Russian accounting standards in the credit organizations (Regulations №№385-P, 254-P, 283-P, and so on.) and the automation of accounting
  • Methodological advice on solving the problems of data quality in information systems (Data Quality)
  • Development, optimization and reengineering of accounting business processes

IT Outsourcing

Support and development of corporate information systems

Amrusoft offers services in the area of support and development of corporate information systems, including support of obsolete and temporary solutions.

Audit of the solutions

  • Development of IT strategy of the company
  • Determination of the project portfolio for the implementation of the IT strategy as well as determination of the necessary organizational structure of project management. Estimation of the required financial and human resources.
  • Collection and formalization of the information about IT landscape
  • Analysis of performance of information systems
  • Conformance of importance of information to the information security of the system
  • Analysis of the completeness of documentation
  • Presence of functional duplication
  • Formation of proposals for the development of the information landscape


Support of inherited systems:

  • Analysis of the architecture and implementation of the system, preparation of a report on the system risks with recommendations
  • Audit of information systems and the development of IT strategy in line with industry standards (BIAN, IBM Banking Industry Framework)
  • Analysis of bottlenecks of integrational solutions, performance optimization, horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Data migration to the new systems
  • Integration of information systems, including inherited applications
  • Technical support
  • Operative Troubleshooting
  • Advice on the work of the systems

Re-engineering of existing applications, extension of the functionality of systems.

IT outstaffing

We provide competent specialists working in our company to carry out certain tasks on organization and operation of information systems, to solve problems in the area of information technologies on the territory of the customer.

Directions of IT outstaffing

  • Regulatory Reporting of financial Institutions
  • Implementation of BPM / ECM projects
  • Implementation of BI projects
  • Electronic archive and document workflows
  • System integration
  • Functional and load automated testing

IT outstaffing types of work

  • Project management
  • Business analysis and development of business-requirements
  • Preparation of functional specifications
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Support and development of IT solutions

System integration

Integration services

The company Amrusoft is the dedicated partner of IBM in WebSphere Core. We propose the following integration services:

  • The development of atomic and composite services on the EBS and point-to-point (WS, API)
  • Development of data integration using stored procedures and ETL tools such as SAS DI and Oracle DI
  • Automation of functional and load testing of integrational services using IBM Functional Tester, and open source tools
  • Comprehensive preparation of banking integrational test environment with configuration of monitoring, functional and load testing tools, emulators of services, generator of test objects
  • Configuration of industrial systems: IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, IBM WebSphere AS, Oracle WebLogic AS, Spring, RedHat EAP

Custom development

Full range of custom software development based on its own R&D center and partners for the development in Novosibirsk.