Products of our company provide a solution of wide range of everyday practical problems in the area of management and accounting of banking operations, the interaction of elements of the information infrastructure and other aspects of banking activity. Built on the years of experience of company’s experts these products include rich functionality and provide versatility of application in banks of different structure and size.

Innovative approaches, technologies and methodologies of Amrusoft products are aimed at achieving the optimal parameters of efficiency in the processing of banking information as the criteria for time and resources, according to the criteria used.

Accounting & Reporting Transformer

Key Features

Accounting & Reporting Transformer (ART) – service of the transformation of business events in the transaction accounting model.

BART is a part of integrated solution and can be used as an independent component of the analytical architecture of the bank for the tasks of processing business events.

Based on the analytical model of the life cycle of the transaction and on the accounting standard rules, ART recognizes and classifies business events in the product systems, and converts them to the transactional objects in different standards (RAS, IFRS, BASEL, MIS). If necessary, the initial event is enriched with the deal and customer information.

Management and flexible configuration

ART manages accounts and generates accounting transactions based on business events and accounting standards. The ability to quickly change the rules for opening accounts and generating transactions, setting event processing rules, and the rules for follow-up and control of abnormal situations, is the key architectural principles of ART. Built-in templates for generation of postings under RAS and IFRS dramatically reduce the time of product implementation. The built - in canonical event model of product life cycle of a universal bank provides a fast and reliable integration of the product with the majority of Russian and international banking product systems.

The introduction of ART as a single source of financial transactions to the general ledger lets you dramatically reduce the cost of supporting regulatory requirements and the costs of introduction of new banking products for accounting and reporting. The bank is not restricted in the choice of the best systems for individual product lines.

Financial Events Processor

Key Features

Financial Events Processor (SEP) – a set of components for building systems for decision-making and for execution of control procedures based on financial events, business-rules and response patterns.

Architecture and Application

Financial Events Processor (FEP) was built in the SEDA architecture in industrial frameworks RedHat BRMS and Apache Camel. FEP allows you to quickly create the systems of processing and enrichment of business events based on the rules of transformation and correlation.

The Amrusoft products ART and Early Warning System are realized on the basis of FEP. FEP can also be used as an independent component of analytical architecture of bank for solving a variety of tasks on business event processing.

Rapid Data Access

Brief overview

Rapid Data Access (RDA) is the lightweight and efficient solution, which includes the functionality of the systems of several classes:

  • The functionality of the portals provides catalogue of systems objects, necessary information to the user and access control
  • The functionality of the knowledge base, adapted for convenient accumulation of information about the objects of corporate storage
  • The functionality of a toolkit, which means the user interface that allows to create new and customize existing RDA object types

The knowledge base for data warehousing

RDA has built-in functionality for organizing knowledge specialized in corporate data warehousing. Built-in Knowledge Base provides the following features:

  • Collection of the information about the data structures of developing corporate storages, communications, data storage and manipulation
  • Knowledge Management in the user interface, created in RDA
  • Full-text search of all objects created, including the names, descriptions and internal settings

These features allow you to set up effective accumulation and storage of intellectual capital formed in the course of development of various types of reports.

Navigating the processes of formation of statements

RDA provides a possibility to organize the required number of interfaces to work with data, and to start the necessary procedures for the formation of the reports in a single menu.

For quick access to the necessary user interfaces RDA provides full-text search.

To ensure the safety the system administrator can hide folders that the user does not have access to.

Fast Access to Data

RDA provides an access to the data from multiple databases in a single user interface. When you connect to the target database tables the users immediately receive the following options:

  • Creating / editing / deleting records
  • Mass editing of records
  • Splitting of large amount of data
  • Filter / Sorting
  • Storage of prepared filter sets
  • Import / Export of data